Vegetables from the oven – easy, quick and delicious

Vegetables from the oven - easy, quick and delicious

If you want to be quick, then delicious oven-baked vegetables from the tin are the right choice. Most of the vegetables are already in the house and can be cleaned and chopped pretty quickly. Such a great mix of vegetables tastes great all year round. If you like, you can also enjoy the oven-baked vegetables cold as an antipasti.

Of course, it makes sense to buy as many vegetables as possible that are grown regionally and are available depending on the season. It simply tastes much better and avoids unnecessary environmental pollution due to long transport routes. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the variety of vegetables fresh and seasonal.

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Prepare vegetables from the oven

Prepare vegetables from the ovenIngredients: the quantities and types of vegetables can be varied at will. Simply delicious – the tin flies away!

leek, leek
vine tomatoes
Brussels sprouts
onions (red, yellow)
spring onions
olive oil

It’s that easy: wash the vegetables. Cut all ingredients into small, bite-sized pieces. Grease a high baking sheet with olive oil and spread the root vegetables on it, mixing them well. Distribute herbs, pepper and salt a little.

Place the fresh fish or whatever insert you like in the middle of the baking tray. Now for about 20-25 minutes in the 200 degree circulating air preheated oven – until everything is crispy brown. Delicious hummus or a simple dip round off this vegetarian treat.

In short – in a good 30 minutes you have delicious oven-baked vegetables on the table.

Oven vegetables with fish

Wonderfully fresh fish such as sea bream, trout, char or salmon are suitable as an ingredient. Feta and co on top round off the taste individually.

Roasted vegetables with chicken

For the recipe oven vegetables with chicken, simply dice the chicken and fold into the vegetables.

Seasonal calendar for vegetables

Between June and October you get the largest selection of vegetables. Of course, some types of vegetables are also in high season in winter. You can get a nice overview at the GEO season calendar.

Store vegetables correctly

Aubergines, cucumbers, courgettes, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes are sensitive to the cold and should NOT be stored in the refrigerator, but protected from light at around 8 to 12 degrees. It’s often recommended to store carrots, parsnips, and Beetroot in sand-filled boxes.

Plant vegetables on the balcony

If you don’t have your own garden and would like to grow fresh vegetables, you can plant the following types of vegetables on a balcony. A small selection would be: tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, potatoes and zucchini.

Vegetables from the oven in German

You can find this article in German at as “Ofengemüse vom Blech – einfach, schnell und lecker”

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