How to Boil Corn on the Cob

How to Boil Corn on the Cob

Fresh sweetcorn cobs are a real treat. Sweetcorn is in high season from mid-July to the end of October. A fresh cob of corn has beautiful plump kernels that glow yellow. Only then candy corn have a juicy and deliciously sweet aroma. Sweet corn can be eaten raw or cooked.

Although the corn cobs contain a lot of carbohydrates, they are also rich in iron, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin C. By the way: the pith in the corn cob stalk also contains a lot of carbohydrates, but this is the case with many types of corn. It serves the corn as an energy store for the cob.

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Cooking and preparing sweet corn on the cob properly

When buying fresh corn on the cob, you can use the fingernail trick, i.e. scratch the grains with your fingernail, to test the freshness – if a milk-like liquid escapes, then they are fresh. Before cooking, of course, also remove the green leaves and threads. Tip: Please do NOT add any salt to the water when cooking, otherwise the grains will be cooked but still remain hard. It is better to add some sugar to the water when cooking, so you intensify the aroma of the corn on the cob.

make yourself corncobs from sweetcorn

How long does a cob of sweet corn take to cook?

Cook the corn on a medium-high heat for about 15 minutes. Poke the kernels with a toothpick to see if your corn is done. When your candy corn is cooked, the toothpick should be able to go in easily. Now let the corn cob drain. I personally fry it with butter in a pan – some salt on top – bang, done. Tip: Prepare a delicious dip that you pour over the sweetcorn – your imagination is the limit set.

Grilling sweet corn on the cob – vegetarian and easy

In short – it’s sooo easy. Simply pre-cook the cob of candy corn as described above and then place it on your grill. You can also grill the corn on the cob without the leaves, wrapped in foil. Tip: You can also coat the corn on the cob with a marinade before grilling, which is of course twice as tasty. Simply crush two cloves of garlic, chop a small chili pepper, add the juice of a lime and some honey. A pinch of salt and pepper and you’re done.

Cook the cobs of sweetcorn in the microwave

Place the corn on the cob, without the leaves, in a bowl with a matching lid with about 10 tablespoons of water. Covered for 8 minutes at 600 watts. Then with a piece of butter in the pan. Salt and pepper – done.

Make your own popcorn – this is how it’s done

Of course, corn can also be used to prepare delicious popcorn. You will need 150g of popcorn, a medium-sized saucepan with a lid, 100g of popcorn corn and some vegetable oil.

So there you go: Pour the vegetable oil into the saucepan until the bottom is just barely covered. When the oil is hot, cover the bottom of the pot with a thin layer of corn. If possible, the corn should not be on top of each other. Now put the lid on.

As soon as the corn kernels burst (you can hear that), turn the heat down to medium-high. Move the pot back and forth from time to time so that everything is better distributed. When the cracking noise stops, remove the pot from the stove and let it rest for another half a minute with the lid closed. Tip: Of course, making the popcorn yourself is a little easier with a popcorn machine.

make- yourself popcorn

The Story of Sweetcorn / Golden Bantam

The history of Golden Bantam is closely linked to the history of candy corn. Golden Bantam is a special variety of candy corn that has become very popular in the United States.

The history of Golden Bantam begins in the early 1900’s. Various varieties of sweet corn were already being grown during this period, but many had problems such as low yields or insufficient sweetness. At that time, a man named W. Atlee Burpee, a well-known American seed merchant and breeder, began his efforts to develop an improved variety of sweet corn.

Burpee experimented with crossbreeding and selection to find a strain that had big, sweet kernels and a high yield. His breakthrough came in 1902 when he developed a strain he called Golden Bantam. This variety had golden yellow grains and an exceptionally sweet flavor.

Golden Bantam quickly became one of the most popular corn varieties in the United States. Consumers were delighted with the intense, sweet flavor and delicate texture of the grains. In addition, Golden Bantam was also attractive to the home gardener, as the plants were relatively compact and adapted well to different climatic conditions.

Golden Bantam’s popularity led to the strain spreading rapidly and being cultivated in many regions of the United States. Over the years, further improvements have been made to the strain to further increase disease resistance and yield. Other breeders also developed their own versions of Golden Bantam, building on Burpee’s original successes.

Although new corn varieties were introduced over time, Golden Bantam retained its place as a sweetcorn classic. Many people still appreciate the unique taste and quality of this strain. Today, Golden Bantam is grown by both commercial farmers and home gardeners, and is readily available in markets and grocery stores.

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